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Optimization of Casting

Object of Investigation

Object of investigation was a steel hardening process. A database was created by using simulation data in conjunction with limited experimental material.

Primary Goals

The main goal of the project was finding optimal cooling regime, which yields the crystal structure of the steel as close as possible to the ideal structure. It was assumed that during this analysis KET methods would be applied to the database and dependence between cooling regimes and parameters of the final crystal structure would be be revealed.


First of all, it was necessary to ensure that the simulation part is adequate and well confirmed by real-life experiments. The second challenge was in finding appropriate parameterization approaches both to cooling regimes and the crystal structures.   

The Result

KET patterns describing dependence between structural parameters and the temperature schedules were found and evaluated. A specialized system for casting control was designed and implemented.


In addition to the quality gain, the used approach appears to be very flexible to changes in criteria and to modifications of the simulation model.

How it was Done

The following set of components was used for the analytical part of the project.

The blue blocks on the picture above corresponded to high-level KET modules.


It seems that this project can be used as a prototype of a much more universal casting control and monitoring system.

  New Feature !!

A new KET module was introduced recently to support interaction with "Mathematica 8" system.


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