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(Revised on April 7, 2006)




This page is being designed for materials (reports, examples, presentations), which illustrate some features of KET. The list of included items and links to them are given below.

1. Essays on Ideas

bullet KET Story: non-formal review of ideas and motivation

2. Samples of analysis reports

bulletReport on data formatting stage.
bulletReport on Information Analysis.
bulletReport on Scaling.
bulletReport on Low Cardinality Models
bulletReport on Low-dimensional Patterns
bulletReport on Pattern Validation.

3. Overview of some projects

bullet Environmental project (chemical pollution)
bullet Engineering diagnostics (stability analysis)
bullet Interferometry (quality of high precision mirrors)
bullet Magnetographic diagnostics of heart diseases
bullet Optimization of casting (the process of hardening)
bullet Non-destructive (sonic) testing of concrete blocks
bullet Testing turbine blade surfaces (diagnostic project based on analysis of fringe patterns)

4. Presentation Materials

bulletIllustrations of  Info-analysis and analytical models
bulletSpecial analytical models
bulletInformational models
bulletIllustration of Low-dimensional patterns
bulletEmpirical logic
bulletAgent psychology (language, images, associative thinking)
bulletSignal analysis: info-approach
bulletSignal analysis: invariant approach

5. Information about tools

bulletExecutable utilities
bulletCustomized utilities
bulletTechnology maintenance
bulletEvolving tools
bulletTools and research

6. Some links to related theoretical sources

bulletRandom sets
bulletApplication of set-valued mappings to data description
bulletWave propagation models on different topologic spaces


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