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About us

Knowledge Extraction Tools, LLC is a company applying the "Knowledge Extraction Technology" (KET) to data analysis services and creation of Artificial Intelligence software. KET and experience in services based on this technology have a long history beginning in early 1980s.

You may see our mission statement on the "Home" page, a brief summary of KET in "Technology" section and in "Frequently Asked Questions" page. More detailed description can be found in the "White Paper" section. The list of services provided by the company is given in "Services" section. Tools, and particularly, "KETools" set of program modules, are covered in "Tools" page. Examples of projects accomplished by Dr. Nikolai Liachenko can be found in "Projects" section.

Our address

Knowledge Extraction Tools, LLC: 12236 Shady Hollow Lane, Northridge, CA 91326, USA.

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  New Feature !!

A new KET module was introduced recently to support interaction with "Mathematica 8" system.


  News !!

KET, LLC joined BioMed Content Group, Inc. in initiative of using AI agents to facilitate work of physicians and educators.

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